Rooster Sounds Relax Me But Not This One

Is it just me or did the rooster get hit by a car at the end of this video? :confused: :rooster:

Roosters?!?! Relaxing!?!?

I hate those vile creatures…

I used to do volunteer work at an educational farm where I loathed having to enter the chicken coops as those evil little monsters would go on the attack and bite the hand that feeds…my hand!

“Harumph” Roosters…

(and yes I’m imagining those screeching tires meaning rooster no more. Not a fate I would even wish on a damn rooster)

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I am so sorry, but I can NOT resist…

Why does a chicken coop only have 2 doors?

Because if it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan :laughing:

Oh that was bad.


@mussel A few months ago, this was my phone alarm.
It worked


He was actually based on a real person. Some U.S. senator from the south.


I grew up with my dad owning a rooster. Old Joe was his name. I doubt anyone who lived around us enjoyed his morning wake up calls :laughing:


At least we aren’t roosters?

Maybe the car stopped just in time so that it didn’t hit the rooster.

And if it had 3 doors it would be a chicken HATCH back !

As for the video the rooster was on the grass…I’d be more concerned for the person with the camera who was probably on the road and caused the car to slam on its brakes !

I used to have the creatures and kinda miss the natural alarm clock and going out to get fresh eggs before dawn…
Here’s one of mine in the 90s exploring around the mountain stream…That was the prettiest Rooster and he had a lot of shimmering green in his tail feathers…


Me too. When I was a kid we rented out the top half of a house. The owners lived downstairs and owned a chicken coop. It was a vile place and I hated everything about it.

I’ll eat chickens but I hate them. Even chicken meat seems gross before it’s cooked. Disease carrying pests if you ask me.

I learned several years ago you must be very choosy eating chickens. most commercial chicken (brand name) is raised in pens, lives in their own poop and are fed nasty feed and some have antibiotics .
Need to get free range grass fed birds, preferably organic feed. the raw smell is way different and the meat more tender and tasty. The ones I raised like in the picture were fed some feed from the store but were otherwise free range, grass fed, and also fed on insects on the property. their eggs were a deep golden color and large, the meat was very good, even a bit gamey.
The manure is excellent for gardens.