A photo of a chicken from my uncles ranch


Did you name it dinner?


Makes my mouth water. Tonight I am definitely having chicken for dinner.

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Nice chicken. I had an uncle that owned a farm. I used to go stay with him in the summer. I used to herd the cattle with dogs and a three wheeler. He had three hen houses full of chickens.

He has since died and the farm did stay in the family but I don’t really know the new people that well. I have stopped by there once since he died and it was a short visit. Didn’t get to see the farm just the living room.

I wish I knew those family members better. I enjoyed those summers when I was a kid.

You guys are so cruel. The chicken looks so beautiful

My uncles farm the hen houses were for the eggs. He didn’t slaughter them. The cattle weren’t so lucky though.

He made most of his money growing cotton or soybeans though.

It’s so cute I want to pet it!!

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Yes, it’s beautiful. But anybody who eats fried eggs or scrambled eggs or homemade cookies or egg nog is murdering cute little baby chickens. So I’m in good company.

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Aww :heart_eyes: cute chicken

I’m a vegan


Actually, eggs have no chicken in them unless they’re fertilized. It’s like we’re eating chicken periods.


I had chickens when I was a kid. I earned the Girl Scout poultry badge. I loved them. Still have a place in my heart for them although they have a reputation for being cantankerous to each other.

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