Rocks are smart

Ask a rock any question and it won’t provide an answer simply because it doesn’t need to. In what way would a rock benefit from answering questions anyway? Because of this, rocks don’t have brains or mouths. They simply exist in a state where they have everything they need, nothing more and nothing less.

You could even say it is smarter than us. We spend our lives figuring out our environment, learning who we are, trying to provide for our needs and wants. A rock does all that perfectly without expending any energy at all. Infact, it knows everything there is to know and doesn’t need to complicate things with abstraction like we do. Example: if it is dropped, it knows how to interact with gravity and the ground perfectly and never makes a mistake. An example, which also proves how well it knows its environment BTW.

In short, any rock contains all the knowledge of the universe in a form that even us humans cannot decode or even comprehend.