Rocket scientists and brain surgeons are not necessarily smarter than the rest of us, study finds

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These guys might not be better at things like car repair or carpentry, but they do need some forminable powers of cognition to do what they do. — There is a quote by Albert Einstein — “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by the its ability climb a tree it will believe its whole life that it is stupid.” It takes a fair amount of intelligence just to deal with the ordinary complexities of everyday life." I think some of the great scientists and engineers are so involved in their disciplines that they don’t care what kind of shape their car is in, or whether they could tear down some kitchen cabinets and replace them with something better, while a guy who might have a pedestrian score on an IQ test might do a job like that with ease. There are different forms of intelligence, and sometimes IQ tests don’t give an accurate portrait of a person’s overall intelligence.

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These peeps still gotta put their pant-legs on one at a time.


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