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when i want to clear my mind of the piled up delusions, i drink alchohol, i hike all day on a mountain, and i dump the ideas i have to the keyboard, put them together and post them on smashwords, then i can start all over again on the blank slate coming up with delusions. Sometimes the book is every few years, sometimes just a one month whirlwind like this one, got the idea less than a month ago and gradually put it together.

Could you describe what oo-long tea is and does to you?

oolong tea is what they serve as the free watery tea at the white tablecloth chinese restaurants.
that’s the one dollar a pund stuff.
walking around ny city and touring the country for work, i noticed that, like with wine or balsamic vinegar, there were more expensive varieties available for people who are into that, so i began trying various more expensive oolong teas.
i noticed an effect, or thought i did, that was mildly psychoactive, in a good way, like coffee but better and without the jitters, and i am one of those sz people who if oyu give them one drop of caffeine they go to the moon, well, this kind of caffeine high is what i call caffeine high of a life time; i know better than to do it everyday, but i have some brewing right now, i’m heading out to sf for the oxford english dictionary at the library. stimulates my broccas area in supernatural ways, not the definitions but the sentences chosen, the warlock that put that together is a mystical leader of english speaking mankind.
i also noticed that from the captions on the different brands of the more expensive oolongs, it wasn’t just me. “glance into a cup of dreams” was one, another brand was “serve with ancient poetry”, so i was traveling around teaching IT classes around the ocuntry with my bag of little packs of different oolong teabags.

Then on my first class ever in california, where i live now, a tall asian guy sat in my class, the citrix guy for esurance. I broke out my tea on the last day and told them what i told you here so far, and this guy stands up and says, you should have told me earlier, the best place in the world to buy oolong tea is three miles from this school, and i happen to be going there let’s go together.

so i and a couple of the students go to this tea shop, 101 tea in fremont on mission and warm springs. They break out the top stuff, lee shan oolong, from the mountain they farm in taiwan at the center at some high altitude. And when you go there you get stuff you can’t on the website, like they share with you the spring stuff and the darker winter stuff, tell you it’s weak on lee shan this year cause of the rain so we drink from mt fu sho shan next over to it, or they said once, he’s a good customer, you can tell him, we have 5 pounds left of the spring virgin tea - plants less that 5 years old. I had a method of describing the features of the tea, no words, put a big punch from below and a boom is the winter tea, but that spring, or spring vergin? that is my hand way above my head closing the two fingers gently into a dainty little “ping!”, that’s the difference between the spring and summer.

so what kis with the boom and the ping, what are they doing to the brain? to the mind? this is what i call the tea of mystical learning, for when you open page one of the computer manual and can’t get to page two no matter how hard you try to follow the giberish, well, you take a dose of this tea and you speed through the book in one sitting and close it thinking ok where is the advanced book cause that doesn’t really begin to go where i want to go now.

the tea is magical as far as inventing perfection- everywhere i go - a store, a movie or show, a conversation - if im high on the tea i think up ways of improving everything, can’t help inventing perfection of everything. it’s the tea.

the school where i used to teach, the workers would come up to me and ask what’s that tea you drink for studying charlie? and i’d give them a free couple of doses, and they’d invariably come back - this is atleast three or four times - saying i don’t know what was in that tea you gave me, but i studied faster than ever before, i left out of the test before everyone, and i got a higher mark than i ever had before.

the tea is 110 dollars apound, not really that bad a 66 dollar bag lasts a month more or less.

i was going through it alot faster when teaching full time, and i asked an asian guy at that tea shop one day how fast he goes through it, to gague myself.

he said if im spending a hundred a month on the tea, that is “too much pleasure”.
through the language barrier he said" ah, caucasians don’t know, but only for asian emperors, and only between the hours of ten pm and midnight while discussing philosophy and poetry".

I I had to limit myself to one intoxicant on this planet, that would be it, cause like they say in drug prison about meth, it puts you in the fast lane.

A guy who was doing sales at the technical training center moved up to management when he invented the “boots on the roof” solar paneling training classes idea a few years ago. it boomed and then went bust and he’s back in a cubicle no more corner office, but at it’s height, i confronted him, a known tea drinker, we buy pounds together sometimes, i said hey, i know that tea, and this boots on the roof thing, sounds like something the tea invented. he said, well, you have to have the fertile mind on which to stream the magical tea, but yeah, it did.

A guy I was mentoring to be another insturctor like me, he didn’t work out but had a backup business of running a brothel in vegas, and he took drugs for attention deficit, add concentration drugs. i told him to try the tea instead. he said it was just as good or better.

That suggestion was based on an article i read about the ADD ADHD drugs- they outraged me in the article, when they said that basically anyone who takes those drugs would benefit from the improved concentration. well not me, not if you have that tea, no, you can’t do any better, i doubt it, and it wouldn;t be safe.

I’ve long since learned to live under restrictions, after pushing the envelope a few times and getting what i call “tea poisoning”, like the flu but drinking cold water helps reduce the sudden fever. dangerous. my sales director manager was drinking it with me every day, till he suddenly quit unexplainedly. When he finally told me why, it was the ideation, this capitalist money manager, “coin operated”, “it’s all about the numbers” he started turning communist, might have been the combination of the tea and my presentations about capitalism, but he didn’t like the resultant neural plasticity he was experiencing, and cast aside that miracle drug to live in the mud of modern america.

what does the tea do for me?
if teachning class, makes my day go by like it was nothing.
if investigating a philosophy, or computer system, it makes everything much easier to understand, no effort required.
if writing, it makes the writing weird and goes on and on into tangents.
if merely ideating, it makes it much more fun and high flying.
it wears off in half a day.
if used every day it diminishes the effect, three days without is needed for max effect.
it raises the metabolism to the point where its a dangerous runaway, you have to have a huge breakfast, a huge lunch, a huge dinner, and then just try not to starve to death before breakfast comes around again, burning all the calories in a mental inferno of ideation, yeah, that’s why i like it but i know it’s dangerous.

this essay was written on an empty belly and an empty mind.
now i’m gonna have some tea and go get some mental stimulation
and watch me post some crazy nonsense in a day or two that i haven’t even conceived of yet, watch my mind be ulti-blown.

oolong tea is halfway between green tea and black tea. green tea you pick the leaf and put it in the hot water, and it isn’t very high in cxaffeine but very good antioxidant and neuroprotectant

black tea you pick the leaf, and beat it up and roast it, and the tea is higher in caffeine but looses alot of the antioxidant and neuroprotectant.

oolong tea just means it’s in the middle somewhere, and there are darker and lighter teas, even the ping versus boom of spring lee shan versus summer is a difference like this.

how do you know i drink oolong, a different post?


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