Risperdal: The penis atrophying terror pill

Day, sorry for the “banality” I would like to know addressed particularly above all to those who are underage but in puberty or young adults if the risperdal affects the size of the penis, already here we have talked about it a few times but none has been exhaustive.

I would like to know your experience both positive and negative, I thank in advance those who will kindly reply and greetings.

Oh yeah, my pp definitely decreased bro. I started the penis killer when I was 15.

But it doesn’t really matter, because I’ve never dated and likely never will.

Ive been on paliperidone the active metabolite or something of risperdal and my penis has never been smaller and sexually im finished. I started in my early 30s

I was on risperdal before that briefly but stopped because i couldnt get an erection

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It matters,for example when I was in hospital for operation,you need to be naked all day(hip surgery)…
Some nurses made a joke.
It depends on ap you are on,I’m having hard time last few years,when I go to pee.
Not only the size,but uncontroled peeing in bed on Risperdal.

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I wet the bed, too, cause of risperdal.

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Idk if it was my risperidone but my peen, when not erect, is 1 inch. On the bright side, I didn’t grow breasts.

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Same, but I grew moobs and started to lactate. Ugh

My current anti psychotic does do that so Im sure ita possible. I found risperidal really bad for sexual function.

Risperdal is a miracle med.
It makes me semi functional in society.
But at some cost.

It destroyed my sexuality.