Risperdal penis shrinkage chronic

I took risperdal for 2 months at 3-4mg at night by the end of my treatment my ■■■■■ and testicles are tiny in size with a new vein on my ■■■■■ does this effect reverse?

Does prolactin shrink ■■■■■ and testicles?

Have you gained weight?

Yes some weight gain is present I was lean at start of treatment now my breasts are bigger and stomach is big to

Is this also reverseable? I have not been active ever since hospital I have not done any walking much and my ■■■■■ has only slight improvement but still is shrunken very badly

Its like there is a blood flow issue going on down there for me

I’m fairly sure there’s no such thing as “■■■■■ shrinkage” (other than temporary shrinkage due to cold). It’s probably just due to weight gain and the extra fat in your pubic area making your genitals look smaller.

If you lose the weight, I’m willing to be that it will be back to its previous size.

I wish that were the case, its very shrunken when I stand its even worse for me I am seeing tiny blood flow improvements though

When erected its a lot smaller plus there a roll of foreskin now to from the shrinkage

When ending treatment I barely could grab hold of my ■■■■■ to urinate it also caused me atrophy pains for a week after discontinuation

Other people are coming forward with this effect one other guy I know his ■■■■■ lost 50% size on risperdal

You would think it would subside but im unsure I have a urologist appointment in jan

Ill try to lose weight

Do you smoke cigarettes or take any nicotine? If so, I would strongly suggest ceasing taking any tobacco or nicotine for a month. Combine this with daily cardio and some weight training every other day three times a week. For me, this greatly improved my ■■■■■ size and libido. My dick became AT LEAST 20 percent bigger, counting girth and length, and I went from very low libido to being able to sexually perform 2-4 times a day, with powerful, long lasting orgasms.

You also want to look at your diet. Eat salads, spinach, eggs, nuts, and meat. Take vitamin d and omega 3. This can improve your testosterone levels.

You can’t do cardio on Risperdal.


I am on it and I do a lot of cardio, but this guy is no longer on risperdal anyway.

It says to not do cardio on the leaflet that they give me at the pharmacy. I used to jog when I was first put on it, but now I only walk.

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I have never heard of that.

Dude, you don’t have ■■■■■ shrinkage…I would talk to my psychiatrist about these fears…sounds delusional.

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A psychiatrist isn’t going to ACTUALLY take a look at his dick and test his hormonal levels, so that is a BS suggestion.

Don’t listen to these people, dude, they’re telling you not to exercise and see a psychiatrist over a ■■■■■ issue, it is ridiculous. They have a beta mentality. These people don’t even VOTE without consulting their psychiatrist first… LOL

And be sure not to lift any weights either brother, big muscles are not good for schizos…it brings out their violent tendencies. PLUS the people here will feel intimidated and jealous of you. You might want to look into taking estrogen plus, I’ve heard some of them suggest this helps psychosis. LOL

AND apparently high cholesterol and obesity is good for cognition… LOL

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It varies on chemistry as to how AP will impact the ■■■■■ and testicles

I feel risperdal is a boob and ■■■■■ issue drug

Wish I was on olanzpine or haloperidol but hospital gave me risperdal at 4mg to which I cant breath on either reducded to 3mg groin was fading away

I had my prolactin checked and my T all is normal range.

The urologist will try to fix this mess

Risperdal increases prolactin, which lowers T and, causes testicular atrophy.

The science is - Anti-psychotics block dopamine. This makes Prolactin rise.

Prolactin decreases GnRH (Gonadotropin releasing-Hormone)

Low GnRH causes low LH (Luteinizing hormone) and low FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormone) - This is called Hypogonadotropism

Low LH and FSH Causes Low Serum Testosterone (Called Hypogonadism)

This leads to Testicular atrophy, I have many books and, articles which says this - Books, suited for Medical school

I’m a former Bio-chem Engineer, and know how to read Scientific literature. There is a herbal remedy called Peony-licorice (see Amazon), which decreases Prolactin, even more than Drugs Cabergoline or, Bromocriptine

Good luck,


Cool! Looking forward to hearing some scientific stuff.

I was on Invega which is like the active metabolite of risperdal and it also “shrunk” my dick. Technically I know that I haven’t lost anything in size and I’m sure it’s all there but it comes down to the blood flow and stuff.

I had the same issue with my erections. When I was erect I was like an inch smaller almost- not to mention it never got as hard. I’m slowly weaning off the shot and almost half of it has been out of my body but I still notice it affecting my ■■■■■ and stuff. In my mind I have to think part of it is related to the higher levels of prolactin bc my doc said it causes males to develop more female characteristics so I would assume less blood to the genetals- not to mention the fact that I grew breasts that hurt so much (mostly the nipples) when I run. Words can’t describe how much I hate invega, I hope the latuda I’m trying In a month or two will offer me more hope. Fingers crossed.

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