Risperdal - Just seems to be a calming sugar pill

i have been taking 3mg of Risperidone for over a week. All it has done is calm me down. No lessening of hallucinations. I see the pdoc on Tuesday should I ask to have it upped already?

Tell him how you are doing and feeling at this dose - It has only been a week or so, this is not enough time to judge how effective Risperdal is at this point. It sometimes takes 2 months or more for the medication to work its magic.
If you are not feeling any major side effects, I would wait and see how you are doing later.
Risperdal is one of the more potent atypical antipsychotics out there, 3 mg is a low - moderate dose - the highest I have been on Risperdal is 4 mg. I would give it some more time

Yes - Saphire - give it some time. Iā€™d say at least 3 or 4 weeks. Perhaps as many as 8 weeks.

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