Risperdal not working?

Iv been on it for a week. Today, right now , im not feeling well. I cant concentrate. I want to laugh cry scream junp at the same time , im scared of people watching me since the morning. Its getting worse. Isbt risperdal sopposed to start fully working after a week?could the doctor give me a perscription fir a placebo???

I don’t think a doc would knowingly give you a placebo if your suffering. If your in a medical study with a start point and end point and you’ve signed paperwork stating that you know your taking part in a study then that might be different.

But to go to a doc and have him just say… “Hummmm… placebo time” I really don’t think that happens. He’d be messing with peoples lives and functionality.

I’d say call the doc and see if he can up the dose, or note this so if it happens again soon he will know this might not be the drug for you.

But call the doc…

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I was risperidal for about a year at different doses and it only helped when i was on a high dose of it. I have that thought sometimes that the medicines i’m on are placebos and i’ve entered remission on my own but that is quickly shot down once i’ve started missing doses. Anyway anti-psychotics take weeks to build up in your system, that’s why my clinical nurse always set his appointments for several weeks apart.

Risperdal starts working for some people within a week. But it can take up to 14 days to reach a stable level in your bloodstream. So be patient, if you’re commited to this medication.

If, after 2 weeks, you’re not feeling well on it, then it might be time for a change.

I hope you feel better very soon.




I took depakite, which calned me down bow im happily better. Hope the risperdal will fully kick in soon. Im on 2 mg daily

In the US it’s illegal to prescribe a placebo, though I know of one case in which it was done . Drs don’t routinely prescribe them.

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I am also on Risperidone mainly for hearing a voice. I have been taking it for 5 days and, so far, there has been no effect on the hallucination.

What we both should be hoping for is that the medication, as my research indicates, takes at least a week to two weeks to make a reasonable effect. I too am hoping that this is the case.


It will take weeks to work on you, you could get a flat effect from it. good luck

Hi, I am new to these forums. My question is about any new medications that are coming on to the market that are less side effect heavy.

I take risperidone, as it is called in the UK, at 4mg dosage. I also take 100mg of sertraline as a supplementry anti-depressent.

I don’t suffer from any visual or auditory hallucinations, just at times what can be a very intrusive, aggressive and sinister paranoia.

I have a hard time reconciling myself with the side effects of the medication. I am taking every opportunity to mitigate the long terms side effects and health issues associated with the illness and the medication I have been prescribed. I have lost the entire 48lbs I gained when first taking the medication and have successfully given up smoking. However the implications of the medication on things such as coronary heart disease and what this does to life expectancy always plays on my mind. I would like a normal life expectancy and as far as schizophrenics go (I was given a very late diagnosis. I was under the misapprehension that I was a psychotic, but was later told that isn’t a diagnosis, rather a symptom) I would certainly consider myself a fairly mild one, thankfully, but the side effects of the medication, in the long term, do greatly concern me.

So, I was wondering if anyone who is better informed than me knows if the drug companies are spending any money on R&D to come up with a new line of medications that have less long term harmful effects?

There are a lot of new meds under development for sz, I have my eye on ITI-007


ive taken risperidone for years it took about 6 weeks to start working

Giving up sugar for me had a huge effect

It is long since you put this message up, but I am searching for help for my husband.
He started risperidone 2 weeks ago and doesnt seem to be working, Do you mean cutting down in sugar helped risperidone to work on you?

Risperdal didn’t work for me felt like I was in some living hell. The withdrawl was terrible too. Olanzapine has worked very well for me though.

I gave up sugar and also white flour and bread etc basically healthy diet and it had a huge impact also low stress heaps of love and affection and comunication. RIsperidone worked for me but the side effects can be pretty dreadful it takes about 6 weeks to work but it can turn you into a zombie and aggitation is a problem best to change the diet

Risperdal didnt work for me at all i am on haldol right now and it works great

Thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely try to change husbands diet, he does eat lots of sweet stuff.

He is a zombie at the mo, but I think it is caused by the recent addition of clonazepam at a high dose to help him sleep; I want Dr to stop clonazepam, or at least half dose. Hopefully risperidone will kick in soon.

Thanks again, I am desperate for drs to find the right combination of meds.


@milirn You would find probably better support as a family member, not implying that people here won’t help you though, in the family forum.

You can find it at: http://family.schizophrenia.com

Hi, how long did you try risperidone for? I wonder how long we have to wait for drs to decide to change. It makes me sick having to wait for weeks for nothing to happen and then start all over again

sorry, but how did I imply that people here are not helping. All the opposite, I am so grateful to get advice from you all.