Riperdone causing pain in toes and fingers

I started getting pain in toes and fingers on risperidone (taking it work past 2 years )
Started taking vitamin B12( high dose) for safe side if it is caused by nutritional deficiency.
How long will it take for oral Vitamin B12 to work .?
It looks like I have to slowly switch risperidone as I am not sure what is causing the pain .
I dont want to suddenly switch the medication as it may cause relapse .

I never heard this before on AP’s

maybe get some blood work for vitamin count?

with anything you should try to get it in your food.

My leg used to fall asleep really quick on risperidone, and when I would wake it up, it would go into pins and needles and then cramp up really bad causing a lot of pain. Also my foot would cramp constantly. My toes got stuck

They are blue /purple also? (your fingers and toes

Also does your tongue is anything but red/pink?

Do you have Dispneea? (breathing harder after walking or making effort)

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Are your fingers cold?

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My fingers are not cold and no change in color and no breathing problem .
No change in tongue .
Is it neuropathy caused due to risperidone or its nutritional ?

I don’t know that . I had a hunch about something else.

How did your symptoms improve ? Did you switch the medication?

I’m on risperidone and I have left arm pain.
I think that it’s muscular.
I’m pretty sure that the risperidone is causing arm pain.

Really?? @tina ? i get pain in toes once in a while a shooting pain and chest pain, thought it was my heart and little exercise. none of the others. It can cause cholesterol build up i think in arteries. But other than that it works…

I had to switch for other reasons. But I drank a lot of milk, my aunt told me to. I had them the whole time I was on it

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