RIP accomplished rapper/lyricist DMX

Used to listen to a lot of his music

He lost the battle after drug overdose apparently

I like that song ain’t no sunshine! Long live x !

Rest in Peace, DMX. I was really into his music in my younger years.

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Rest in peace X

Lool he’s not dead though. He’s still on life support. I heard it’s just a rumor that he’s dead.

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Yooo he’s still alive thank god


Now he’s dead. RIP to him. So sad :disappointed:. I don’t like death.

RIP I was just talking about him mentioning him to someone else right before he overdosed. He was an emcee with great aggression and energy, while still maintaining a smooth flow is what I was saying about him. He had his own level of energy but was still smooth as hell. Party up in here was the first song I heard by him in the movie hardball when I was in middle school. Rest In Peace dmx

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I really liked x gonna give it to ya, other then that I don’t know his work well. Its a shame he passed, he was finally getting really popular.

DMX was the first rap album I bought at 13 year s old… the first album he made

RIP to DMX… he was so young😔 I used to argue with my best friend who was better DMX or Eminem, he was his favorite rapper. I think he went through a lot of hard times.

Thank you for your great music and help us grow up

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