Deceased rappers thread

Was spamming the selfie thread so here’s another one

Juice wrld


Mac Miller is my favorite tho of the recent guys who passed away

@goldenrex you’re right cuz I didn’t like Mac Miller that much till he died now he’s one of my fav ever. Not cuz his death but I never fully appreciated him in life as I should have

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Pop smoke

That posthumous song the woo is rly good

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Polo G released a mix on an album with the lyrics from the woo. I think. Feat pop smoke

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O didnt know that nice

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Lil Peep. I just got into his music after he was dead for couple of years.


Big L

Big pun


Big pun was Hella underrated. True lyricist. Nice one :point_up:

Big L too but I knew about him longer now


Big pun is def one of my favorites…

Big L I don’t really know many of his songs, but he kills it on this freestyle with jay z


Street struck is my favorite. The third one.

Here’s his whole album I used to listen to

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Nice, I’ll check em out🙂

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It’s ok if you don’t lol but it’s sick music

I would bump this cd from my car senior year of HS. Along with wu tang. Rip odb.

I loved old school nyc hip hop my senior year of hs.

Then I switched to preferring to listen to the new stuff. lil Wayne became my favorite towards the end of my senior year of hs.

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Nah I’ll check it out next time I’m riding in the car for sure!

Yeah I was def into lil Wayne in high school lol
Nowadays I’m mostly into old school stuff… i know some new stuff though…

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Same reason I stopped listening to classic rock a lot as I stopped listening to old school hip hop so much.

Love the freshness of a new just released song.

Makes me feel I’m in the loop :repeat:

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Haha I definitely feel out of the loop😂

So I can understand that

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Dmx. 1614141415


He was the motivation for the thread. We were spamming the selfie thread with dmx and other deceased rapper posts . ButYes tho @speedy :slight_smile: :frowning:

That one was a shame man, X was a beast


Is Kool Keith still alive? His ish is hilarious! :joy:


Oh man kool Keith is my favourite!


Hell yeah! :joy: I think I’ve heard somewhere that he has a mi, and spent time in a NY hospital.

He’s dope!!!

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