Eminem - The Re-Up mixtape (old memories)


There is no better album than the eminem show, i’m not sure even counting other genre.

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Slim Shady LP 2 dropping soon :musical_note:

marshall mathers lp is my favorite of his

MM lp is too obscene and unnecessary swearing for my taste.

He just always seems so angry. What’s he so angry about? He’s rich!

Imagine quitting drugs, attempting suicide, having problems with your mother, all without professional help (I assume)

Wouldn’t your mind not be in the right place ?

I have schizophrenia my mind’s in like six places lol.

I just think he’s a little too hard for someone who has had access to celebrity status for quite some time. It made sense when I was in high school and it was like his first album, but I’m 35 now and I’m not really angry at the world so I don’t dig his music. The lyrics that I used to listen to by my standards now are just crazy. But that’s just me. I guess my taste in music has softened a little.

I always wanted to watch that movie he did, my brother is a big fan of it.

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Southpaw or Bodied ?

Southpaw’s better, imo.

You’re right I guess, hopefully his new album he wont be as angry.

I’ll always miss the funny Eminem.

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I think the one I used to like his first Marshal Matthers one. That was when he got real popular for the first time.

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