Rexulti vs. Vraylar

Wich is the better Medication against negative Symptoms?

Both meds will be available in 2 nd Quarter 2018 in Germany. What is the better one ?

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U never no until u take em…i knew vralar is lil good for negative symptoms…its not available in my country …

Why you know that if you Did not take IT ?

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I have sèen some people here taking it…like @HuckFinn roger roger he know insight on vlayrar…

its not a bad one so far… but i take 2 mg haldol and some lithium too

I haven’t taken Rexulti before but with Vraylar, I have and finally have gotten assistance to stay on it without it costing me a fortune.
Ever since having to switch back, it’s been slow but I can feel motivation coming back and it definitely keeps my positive symptoms and mood swings in check. The first time I began taking it, I did have nausea and indigestion for the first week but once that was over, I never had it since.
For me, this drug works great and has helped me to feel more involved with life, even just a bit. It also surprisingly helps with my impulsiveness at times, such as wanting to leave work, I don’t feel the impulse to leave.
I’d also like to add that things like anhedonia and apathy are kind of deteriorating after being back on this drug for nearly 8 weeks.

Vraylar was not approved by the F.D.A. recently. So, I doubt it works.

That’s true, vraylar was rejected as a negative symptom treatment

@Cipher Vraylar is making your anhedonia worse?? (did I understand correctly)

Personally I tried Abilify and Rexulti without any improvement whatsoever in my negative symptoms (anhedonia, low motivation). Vraylar/cariprazine is supposedly stronger on the D3 receptors than both of those so it may work better.

Successful vraylar stories for negative symptoms (particularly anhedonia and low motivation)

It hasn’t really done major changes to my anhedonia but I feel like I can take a bit more pleasure than I used to.

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So Vraylar is the Best antipsychotic for negativ symptoms. Would you agree?

Thats very interesting i also have sometimes the Impuls to leave Work because I felt overwhelmed.

Would you say you are stronger? More loadable?

Thats very interesting I also have sometimes the Impuls to leave Work because I felt overwhelmed.

Thats very interesting because I have often also the Impuls to leave Work.