Rewards for beating mental illness

what would be the rewards for beating it

In what way do you mean beat it? You mean becoming cured? Or you could mean that a person beats it by having a good, productive life despite having it.

i mean no symtoms as in beating it, living a humble life

I’ve heard people claim that. The reward is no schizophrenia, no symptoms. From what I’ve read, some people with sudden onset, can recover almost completely and eventually get off medication permanently with little lasting impairment.

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its possible for many to recover

But rarer for anyone to regain the level of functioning they had before getting sick, or ‘recover’ completely with no lasting impairment. I have seen so many conflicting statistics on recovery rates and what constitutes ‘recovery’ that I don’t know what to believe. The “1/3, 1/3/ and 1/3” model seemed to be quoted quite often for a number of years.

if the unique root causes of the indivual case is over-come and healed by having no syptoms.

if each cause is addressed and worked out and over-come

Any examples? I always thought that most of the symptoms of schizophrenia and the physical effect they have on the brain are irreversible. And what I mean by ‘physical effect’ is that you can see differences in brains in pictures between schizophrenic brains and non-schizophrenic brains. I think I am looking at this like schizophrenia is a biological based disease while you are looking at it as purely a psychological disease. It’s probably more like a combination of the two.

I often want to take pictures of my brain to see how it looks like and what are the difference.

So do u think that the longer one got caught in psychosis/the more psychotic episodes one gone through, the more damage it would cause to one’s cognitive? A doc suggested that to me.

surely beating it is the reward if not i like to give myself plenty of gold stars ahhhh 4th cup of coffeee of the day gold star:)


The reward is the journey. Coming from the psych ward to being able to call your life a success. Good health. A job. A few good relationships. Now is mental illness beating you?

i want a shiny badge on a red ribbon, saying " dark sith did good ".
take care


i have spent most of my life in and out of pychosis, i should be a vegetable if that was the case, my brain would be like a mushy banana.
look at me i am totally normall !?!
take care


I have no idea how I would beat mental illness. I guess the reward would be having a perfectly cured mind.

But I don’t think that makes everyone troubles go away.

My reward for trying function despite having a mental illness is my family is much less likely to give up on me.

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My reward for beating this. Is living and having a good life. I have a better life. I have my husband’s family that helps in my care and my child who also help in my care. I remind myself that I want to live and I want people to see that we want to be normal and we aren’t bad but good people who got stuck with an awful disease that has taken from our lives but yet we keep striving to do good in the world. I don’t want people to believe that they have to lock me up and throw away the key because I am going to do something bad. I want them to see that I want what they want a family and life and to live it with everything I have. Beating it everyday is a challenge. Even on the days that I feel I want to quit the medicine that sometimes makes me sick. We are great people who are just misunderstood. I wish everyone had my in laws they are always there at a drop of a penny. I say I need them and they will come running. Don’t give up keep pushing through and know that someone believes in you.

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If you have insurance, you can get an MRI. An MRI will show you a picture of your brain. I have such a picture on a disc. They couldn’t find much wrong with mine!

I’ve seen it so often, that the parents of the mentally ill want their children to be so completely independent. That in itself is a back breaker. It can’t be done and the parents themselves aren’t any more independent. My first sense of hope about this illness came when I got into a compatible adult foster care home where there was a significant reduction in responsibilities and I could focus on the problems and on healing them.

I dont know if i will ever recover. My symptoms are with me every single day. Sometimes in a week i am recovered for an hour, and that gives me hope that one day i might recover and stay recovered for yrs. the body has the ability to heal itself. But seems like that dosnt apply for the brain.

I had an MRI and they found I had MS that was causing extreme dizzyness, double vision, numbness when I was 40.

So I was double cursed I thought. But my Mom prayed for me again and MS hasn’t stopped me.
And neither did sz.

But I believe in miracles from God, since they have been proven to me.