Reviva Pharmaceuticals (RVPH) Granted FDA Approval to Commence Pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Trial and Long-Term Safety Trial Evaluating Brilaroxazine For The Treatment of Schizophrenia -


This drug sounds promising. Sounds like it will be more effective than abilify at least. Do you know when it’s supposed to release if it passes phase 3?

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My guess is 3+ years for trials, analysis and application review.


I remember this one from like SIX and a half years ago. The company was first pursuing it for pulmonary hypertension. I don’t know what became of that.

But I remember it because of this article which mentions a high rate of “remission level response.”

RP5063 global phase 2 clinical trial results showed a robust remission level efficacy for acute schizophrenia in addition to promising efficacy signals for comorbid conditions cognition impairment and mood disorders. RP5063 showed a very good safety and tolerability profile with no weight gain, metabolic, cardiac or movement side effects, leading to good acceptance and compliance with the treatment.

Better late than never!