Reviva Pharmaceuticals Reports RP5063 Positive Efficacy Results for Memory Deficits

Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held drug discovery and development company, today presented new positive preclinical efficacy data for memory deficits at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago. RP5063 reverses and prevents subchronic phencyclidine-induced declarative memory deficits and increases cortical dopamine efflux in C57BL/6J mice. These results indicate that RP5063, via multi-receptor mechanisms, ameliorates subchronic declarative memory impairment. The potential of RP5063 to delay or prevent the emergence of cognitive impairment is suggested by the prevention paradigm. Increasing cortical DA efflux, in the prefrontal cortex one of the regions implicated in declarative memory, may contribute to the beneficial effect of RP5063 in cognition. These cognition results of RP5063 are in line with the promising efficacy signals reported in the phase 1B clinical trial in stable schizophrenia patients and the phase 2 trial in acute schizophrenia. RP5063 Phase 3 trials in schizophrenia measuring cognition outcome are in preparation.


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This looks like a promising antipsychotic, but not many details.


Gonna have a ton of side effects they say. Not sure that this drug is an improvement over the other ones.

It seems way too early to say this - wait and see.

What evidence do you have to support that belief anyway?

@SzAdmin I read that it targets a multitude of receptors, dopamine, seratonin, as well as glutamate. I think in that article they said that because of this it would have side effects. I personally hope that it doesn’t, as I’m trying to stay optimistic here. But I’m starting to get skeptical when it comes to better treatments.