Revisiting music from my delusional days

Liz Phair, Blues Traveler, Pearl Jam, and Oasis…bands I thought that their lyrics were about me when I was ill…kind of sentimental…my brain lied to me so much and it was such a bummer once I recovered from insanity…still a little bitter…any music you thought was about you?


Hysteria - Def Leppard came into my mind out of nowhere today. I thought the lyrics were pretty interesting even though they’re somewhat simple.

I find it to be a really good song.

I kind of wonder if emotional hysteria may be the cause to a lot of mental illness in general.

Alice In Chains - favorite song “would” or “rooster”
Souls Of Mischief- 93 til infinity


Cranberries…aw those confusing teenager relationships :sunglasses:

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Music has always been a part of my life. I got into Pink Floyd heavily as a teenager but I moved from there to alternative/punk. My delusions included music but it was everything in my life affected. I’m glad now I can enjoy all music without those connotations.

I don’t really differentiate those times. Ill/well/struggling. Music is always the soundtrack of our lives and it’s good to have a healthy relationship with it. As someone wise once said to me. Music is for the soul!


Still trying to get away from the dark side of the moon myself lol


bumping this since I posted it so late…I really want to know if anyone has looked to lyrics and movies during their psychosis for clues to reality.

I didn’t think this was made about me but maybe god had puddle of mudd make it for me in a kinda sort of way. I listened to this a lot in summer of 2012


“What about bob?” Is a good movie.

Forrest Gump, Cast away, Saving Private Ryan and almost anything with Tom Hanks in it would be high up on my list of personal favorites.

I don’t think many people answered you in the way you meant.

I have The Weeknd - Starboy album as a very very strong reminder of my psychosis, I believed God was talking to me in code through the whole album, this still reminds me of psychosis very much.

Then there was Da Mafia 6ix - 6ix Commandments which had me delusional thinking I was supposed to have a role in the apocalypse - maybe some day I will tell specifics about what I did while delusional because of this album.

Black Sabbath Vol. 4 - Snowblind was about chemtrails and weather control, this was before medication.

Tool - Lateralus - this had me thinking I was able to be in a girls mind while she slept, didn’t make a whole lot of rational sense. The album also had me convinced I was a starseed who was supposed to go to Ohio to meet up with Alien human hybrids, good stuff right?

I will try to think up more examples, for a while music was speaking directly to me, through code and lyrics.

Oh and Hootie and the Blowfish - Time , that song got me thinking about time being an illusion and I was delusional about a girl and her and I having different views on how time works, all in my head ha.

This one made me think I needed to paint my walls blue after me and ex wife split - oh if only I could convey the intensity of my life back then.

Psychosis is a hell of a drug.

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Silent Lucidity came out after my mother died. I listened to that song and felt sorry for myself

I can’t listen to Letter to a Thief anymore because I looped it a bunch when I was psychotic and staying at hotels like within the first year of the illness. Most stuff I’m good with though, my playlist is one I’ve had for several years now and I listen to the same 20 songs basically. I got a new song a week ago and it was a big deal for me.

Still have to remind myself that music wasn’t written for or about me


When I was really depressed before i had sza i listened to korn all the time. I felt they’re lyrics were describing my life to a t. Now that I’m medicated I can enjoy the music again. But back then it just made me even more depressed.

I also listened to this after my mom died:

I thought I was Dani California-eventhough everyone tells me that I look East Coast/New York or New Jersey in reality. LOL

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Yeah Simon and Garfunkel, Taylor swift, nora Jones I also thought people on the radio could red my thoughts and were talking about them. You know thought broadcasting

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I still do that. I just tripped out watching Shallow Hal because he got hypnotized and it really helped him be less shallow. I really want to try hypnosis.

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I listened to a looooot of Smashing Pumpkins when I was in the hospital lol

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Lol I remember I was listening to music by Kanye West when I had my first psychotic break “I am a God” HAHA. I think its the perfect tune to go full blown psychotic on. Was a fun trip to the hospital. Really elevated my mood and then the rest is a bit too fuzzy. Don’t need to go over it.

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