I think I am not fit for any job

Nothing interests me except food, watching movies and cigarrettes.

No skill and no motivation to do a job.


I’m the same way.

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I tried to work… I had 11 jobs in 2 jobs… I tired so hard but can’t

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yea i can’t work anymore either… the stress just triggers bad relapses.


Same with me


I need to quit my drinking (caffeine), and quit or reduce cigarettes substantially and then hope I can reverse the damage that’s been done over the past several years. I feel mentally calmer but I have cognitive deficits and I sleep a ton more now and do little if anything. I haven’t seen an improvement in the amount of stuff I do or get done but I don’t know. I think I’m in the recovery phase.

If I could make a few hundred bucks a month perpetually, I’ll be good but I’ll probably lose my disability. I think I could theoretically work in the next 1-2 years doing basic work or retail (I hate retail) but I don’t know. I have a lot of psychological and physical damage (brain). I even feel over medicated some times now that I reduced the drinks. My thinking isn’t just there.

I think I’ll have to go through the DOR (meant for disabled folks that cannot get fired easily) and do that.

Honestly, I cannot code and don’t know how to code or do advanced math anymore. Stuff like calculus which in the grand scheme of things isn’t advanced at all! It’s basic but it does pay the bills in terms of tutoring and looking smart. Coding is more lucrative.

You summed it up perfectly, I feel the same.

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