Retaliating at the voice

Anyone find it weird that you can’t find any news story of someone attacking at the person who is sending to the voice of someone. Are these stories being buried?

For instance in my case how come there is no news story of a sz attacking the person they are hearing voices from (in my case would be old friend).

Don’t get this confused with lashing out st society. As you can find evidence of that.

Because people w mental illness aren’t any more likely to be violent than a normal person. Most people don’t attack or try to kill someone who makes their life crappy in reality either though they may fantasize about it.

People w mental illness are more likely to be victims of crime than to commit a crime.


I just find it hard to believe that there is no news
Story of someone hearing a voice of someone they know in person and reacting violently. No cases where this has happened and what resulted.

You do. They don’t often describe the exact delusion, more generally that the person was delusional.

Any links? I hear stories all the time about people who hear voices and then take it out on society. I learned in these cases it just results in stronger and worse voices.

But feel it would be different for someone who hears just a voice from a particular person they know.

I wonder if the internalized “conscience” I used to have of my sister was delusional? I heard the things she’d actually said to me in person or on the phone as if she were really in the room with me. My brain had made a tape recording of her and kept replaying her unkind words.

I sort of retaliated by starting my own blog and venting my spleen at this “sister” that was more a product of my imagination. I don’t hear that “conscience” so much anymore.

Sorry, I can’t say anything specific. But yeah, it happens.

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Because schizophrenics are mostly nonviolent, despite the crap you hear from idiots, especially around here

Curious what did she say? Did you ever talk to her in person about the internal voices you heard from her?

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We’ve been out of contact with each other for about a year. We agreed that it was better if we just didn’t talk. But no, I never did tell her about my paranoid voices because I didn’t realize they arose from my illness. Besides, it wouldn’t have done any good, because she thought my illness wasn’t a real issue.


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