Result of my visit to the emergency

All the test are ok. I will all have a stress test to eliminate angine.

But I am really not happy!!! My employer was asking for a paper since the beginning of the week, so I asked one to the doctor. Then the doctor told me that he is forcing me to return to work as soon as possible and that I have no reason at all to not work and to stay at home. He said that all my symptoms and illness is a fantasy and scientifically impossible. When I talked about the huge breakdown I had between 2001 and 2013 (the famous 12 nightmare years I am always talking about to you) he literally laughed at me and didn’t believed me at all and said it is all in my head, a product of my imagination.

Do you see how I am treated?! Nobody believes me here in the health system in Québec. You see I told you I was blacklisted!!!

What do you think I should do? I am forced to return at my job even if I feel weak, dizzy, very tired and even if I lost 5 lbs since this weekend!!!


Can u get a second opinion? I hate how some doctors act.


What do you think I could do now. What is your opinion @mermaid1 @moonbeam @wave @tera

Is it really a product of my imagination? Is my current breakdown a fantasy like the doctor said? Am I able to work in reality? Is it possible for me to imagine all this?

Anyway, my employer requires me to give them a paper from the doctor as soon as possible so I have no other choice but to give it. And I will have no other choice but to go at work as soon as this Friday.

I just made a promise to myself : I will NEVER EVER return to see a doctor in my life, whatever the doctor it is, at the emergency or at the clinic, whatever! I will only see my psychiatrist and no one else. Even if one day I am really seriously ill, I will stay at home and find a solution by myself.


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I will even not do their stress test to eliminate angina and I will not take the medication he prescribed me to lighten my blood. I don’t give a ■■■■! I have already suffered so much because of the doctors between 2001 and 2013 I don’t want anything from them anymore now! :rage:

Well, definitely discuss things with your pdoc on Friday. One good thing to keep in mind is that the ER doc did run tests and so far the test results were OK from what you posted. That’s good news! I also think its a good idea to do the cardiac stress test (treadmill test) to rule out angina. Since you’re now 40 years old, getting the tests done to rule out cardiac issues is a good idea. The test results will also serve as a good baseline for future comparison purposes.

Can you return to work just to try it out and see how you feel? Sometimes the worry about something is worse than actually doing that something. In this case, what’s the worst that can happen? If you try going back to work and you can’t manage it, then you’re essentially back where you are now, right?


Thanks a lot @Moonbeam. I like a lot having other’s opinion because it helps me taking the right decision.

For the stress, I want to avoid the 2006 scenario. Because in 2006, I had a stress test which was ok, but as soon as I came back home, my condition collapsed and became very serious (no kidding they had to send me to a specialized hospital by ambulance). I wasn’t able to stand up and it took me many months to recover from that.

About returning to work, what I want to avoid is to make my condition worst, and then the recovery even longer, because I’m too weak. I have experience with the condition I actually have. I have been like that for 12 years. I know very well that if I do something too much difficult, it will get my condition worse.

Thank you and have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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By no means, I would sleep in a homeless shelter if every doctor would say that I’m healthy.

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wait, you said you have somatic disorder? That means you’re actually sick. I wouldn’t go to work if I was actually having symptoms. You could get hurt. I forget what do you do for a living?

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I am a software developer :slightly_smiling_face:

I am wondering about the tachycardia. My heart beat is about 100 to 160 when I am standing up or walking. When I go to work, I have to walk a lot to go to the bus. If my heart beat is high for a long time, can it makes my heart tired or have any other consequences. :thinking:

did you ask the ER doc that?

No I didn’t think about asking that. :slightly_frowning_face:
He didn’t take the time to talk to me so much. I guess he had other urgent patients so he wanted me to leave quickly. It was very obvious. He was talking to me standing by the door.

I think this is standard response when they don’t know what is wrong and they can’t help. They put it back on you.

I hope that your psychiatrist is able to help, but unfortunately you might have to suffer through the symptoms anyway. If you have them either way, if you can manage to do the things you need to do even while suffering, it might be better than just suffering with them at home. But I understand that may not be possible if you literally can’t get out of bed.


did you tell him you are mi? drs don’t seem to like to treat mi patients. It’s weird though because as they say even hypochondriacs get sick. btw I’m not saying you’re a hypochondriac, I’m just saying it’s better safe than sorry especially when it comes to the heart. Well one more day and we can see what the pdoc says. Maybe he’ll take you off work for awhile until he can figure out how to get you stabilized again and/or order some tests just to be safe.


Thanks @tera and @twinklestars!

I am not hypochondriac, my psychiatrist already told me. She said that my physical suffering is real as well as my symptoms. She thought about a somatic symptoms disorder.

When I’m at home, I can avoid easily the symptoms and feeling well just by staying on my sofa. But when I go to work, I have to walk a lot so I would have to have a lot of symptoms while going to the job and while coming back to home afterwards.

I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this. It’s terrible that you can’t make it to work because of it. I hope everything works out tomorrow at your appointment.

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I decided to stay with my first decision to not go to the stress test this Monday. So I will call to cancel tomorrow, unless the psychiatrist make me change my mind.

I think firstly about what is good for me and right now I need to rest the most possible. I already don’t feel well just after walking a little bit, so imagine how I will feel if they make me run beyond my limit?!

I really feel there is a danger it could end up worsening my condition a lot or slowing down my recovery. This could means not going to Lisbon (and then losing more than 2000$) and losing my new job. I can’t take that risk!!!

And I have no confidence at all in the doctor I saw at the emergency because he was totally careless and even laughed at me. It was evident he didn’t care at all about if I could lose my trip to Lisbon or my job.

The only doctor I have confidence to is my psychiatrist. There is no other one. I don’t even have a general doctor and I have not seen one since 2012.

Completing a stress test is not that big a deal. Remember that older people routinely do stress tests to determine whether they’re having cardiac issues.

In 2006, I had a stress test which was the cause of a MAJOR collapse of my health. As soon as I was back home after the test, I had to come back to the hospital because of a serious arrhythmia problem. They had to transfer me by ambulance to a specialized hospital because they didn’t know what to do, a 2 hours ambulance road trip just for me. They sent me back home without solving the problem and in the following months, I couldn’t walk and I lost 30 lbs until I had a dangerously low weight (130 lbs), for which I then had to see urgently a gastroenterologist who also sent me home. Afterwards, I have been left totally by myself in a severe condition and it took me more than 1 year to recover. During this time, I was going to seek help from the doctors but they were totally careless.

I will NEVER let that happen again!