Residential Trash

I’m gathering with Covid-19 and most of us staying at home, we are producing much more residential trash.

I see all of the bags on my street on garbage day. But I suppose commercial trash has gone down substantially.


With nobody riding the buses, and increased residential trash, I’m expecting our property taxes to go through the roof in the upcoming months.

Prices of everything are through the roof. Partly cuz of the pandemic - partly because of the stimulus

Prices of automobiles are up about 25% according to my research

Gas prices are up

Bicycle prices are up about 20% over last year

Edit: Lumber is 3x what it was last year & there is a housing shortage. So GL building a home

They say my house is worth $10,000 more than last year strictly because of high lumber prices. And then my house is more valuable cuz of short supply of homes

I bought my house for $77,500 10 mos. ago and I anticipate after getting it painted/carpet/etc. it might be worth $100,000+

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Fair points.

Our grocery bill is also much higher these days as well.

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