Researchers open door to new schizophrenia treatment


I love that this information becomes public and that it is found out, but the skeptic in me feels down that the start of the process of treatment using the information to the finish of having a product to capture and act on the learning —- it doesn’t happen fast enough at all. It has no incentive to do so, at least not politically. If sz effected people went into politics; I’d say it’s different. But the inherent nature of the condition prevents and minimises this.

Idk if I’ve made sense here.


“This research suggests treatments that modulate or change neuroinflammation in the dopamine region of the brain may improve some of the disordered thinking and behaviour experienced in people with schizophrenia,” said Dr Purves-Tyson, a senior researcher involved in the study at NeuRA.

Next, researchers will examine how these immune cells are damaging neurons, with the aim of finding treatments that can prevent the cells from damaging or entering the brain in the first place.

I hope this knowledge helps. To try to modulate the immune system is going to be a very difficult task. But not impossible, I think.