Research spending- cancer vs mental health


Cancer is sexy. Sort of.

I don’t want to sound too politically correct, but we could probably take two days worth of the money we spend on defense and hugely increase spending on both problems.

It shouldn’t be a competition, but it’s a bit sad. I’m glad scientists of the world are concerned about cancer in order for us to live longer.

Mental health doesn’t have the means it deserves, yet. It’s starting to be more of an issue now than it was 10/5 years ago. Maybe that number will change in time.

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I know it shouldn’t be a competition but it is still wrong that mental health receives 150x or more less research funding.
Then again even within types of cancer there are funding discrepancies.

According to the charity, breast cancer - the most common female cancer, which has a similar death rate to prostate cancer - received more than double the annual research spend - ÂŁ853 per breast cancer case diagnosed, compared to ÂŁ417 for prostate cancer.

Leukaemia got the most research funding - ÂŁ3,903 per case diagnosed - charitable and government funds data for 2009 and 2011 show.

That is the last thing I would think about cancer.

People suffering from cancer are bigger then mental illness…
people(investor) would love to invest to those that has higher potential for income and profit…
only 1% people suffer from Sz and 3% suffer from bipolar disorder…the rate are higher for cancer…!!!
Good luck to all of us…!!

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Yes, that is capitalism.


Hahahahahaha, <£10. Wow… I earnestly thought that pharma companies were fervently persuing sz meds.

The local hospital has a cancer unit and a mental health unit. The cancer unit is lovely. The mental health unit is lousy.