Republican tax cuts

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Trump is stopping financial aid to Middle Eastern & African countries. Supposedly he’s reallocate resources to rebuild roads, airports & bridges in the US instead.

Trump has done some good things but also a some bad things as well.

Yeah it’s nuts. Unfortunately it’s those of us on social security that will lose enough to make huge impacts. For the rich an extra couple of million probably isn’t even noticed. For us a $50 rise can make a huge diffference!

It’s rubbish!

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Also anyone who doesn’t make more than $100,000 a year will get taxed more. But the rich get to be taxed less. So I guess it helps keep people from getting ahead in life right? Keeps people from getting the money the rich people want. Not like anybody was going to get it anyways but still.

That’s what they said when they raised taxes in my state. My state is also run by a “business” man. You know what they did with that tax money? They paid for more patches. They didn’t actually fix any roads. They just patched more holes. And did a shittier job.

I have Trump on my Twitter account and he is correct when he states that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has set unprecedented record highs this year. Also the unemployment rate of the US is at its lowest in 17 years. However, the stock exchanges are going to be in for a market correction in 2018 and may or may not crash.

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