Repition Lingers


If i listen to a song for a while i can hear it…actually hear wth my ears…after im not listening to it…after i smoke…even hours after i can see smoke coming out of my mouth or surrounding my head…
thats two examples of this…ive been noticing this…

if this posts twice sorry


Must suck when you hear a crappy song.


I’ve heard music constantly since 2005. It never ever goes away, if I’m not listening to it on the radio, I’m listening to it in my head. It changes based on what I last heard, sometimes, but I’ve had it get stuck for almost a full month, the same song over and over and over. Sometimes it’s just a portion of the song, like just the chorus or just one verse and chorus, so it loops seamlessly but never finishes.


Like I’m wearing headphones but they’re turned down, and it doesn’t muffle any other sounds. Sometimes it gets loud, though, and many times I’ve been in someone’s car and went to turn their radio down only to realize it was already off.


It doesn’t happen now but the first hallucinations I remember having was when I was a kid and I would hear a radio or TV on in the other room. It sounded very real. I’ve heard voices only a few times so that’s not really an issue for me.


Yeah that wouldn’t be good, not knowing if your TV was broke of if was just you.