remote neural monitoring


I know that the government or some shady corporation is communicating with me via either remote neural monitoring or a related technology.

I am 34 year old male from Boston diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Voices make my head vibrate and can respond directly to what I say (like a phone conversation.)

I’m wondering what I can do to raise awareness of this technology…


There is no such technology, you’re suffering from a very common variation of the Targeted Individual delusion. In reality, the worst threats you face are Smart Devices in your home recording clips of your conversations or device usage. So turn them off. Problem solved.


i’m sorry but you sound delusional to me…are you on meds still? I would tell your psychiatrist what you believe so that you can have your meds adjusted if you are on meds right now.


My best advice is to pray about what you’re feeling. Dont take ■■■■ from anyone. Dont get walked on . Do everything you can to shift your focus and your energy into things and people you care about.

You’ll lose alot of time and people allowing these occurrences to suck up your attention. Prove your worth to yourself. and push yourself. Better yourself


You’ll need meds to calm your brain down and stop hallucinating. It is on overdrive right now, and your brain can’t fully process your sensory input (because of NMDA antagonism), so your creative faculties fill in the blanks with hallucinations / “hidden messages”.

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Very nicely worded. Its takes some fine tuning to get your brain balanced out.

Like the tom petty song Learnin to fly,“coming down isthe hardest thing”.

Not drug related but I know when I’m getting off work or stop doing something intense even thinking really hard, I’ve struggled with coming undone from try to calm my mind and energy too fast.

It definitely takes time but when your mind and heart are in the right place its definetly easier.

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