Relief from Self-Absorption

We here suffer from self-absorption. The Dalai Lama has something to say to help with this.“Feelings of grief and anxiety are a natural human response to a loss. But if feelings are left unchecked, they can lead to a kind of self-absorption. A situation where the focus becomes your own self. You become overwhelmed by the sense of loss, and you get a feeling that it is only you who’s going through this. Depression sets in. but in reality, there are others who will be going through the same kind of experience…It may help to think of the other people who have similar or even worse tragedies. Once you realize that, then you no longer feel isolated, as if you have been single-pointedly picked out. That can offer you some kind of consolation.”


Love this… thanks

It’s good to know that most MI ill people tend towards this… makes everyone feel less alone and selfish.


@martinhersey1 Thanks for reminding me the world doesn’t revolve around me and my pains and worries? I’m thinking I might start volunteering.

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