Relationship between social withdrawal and personality?

I assume a person can end up with multiple personality by having social withdrawal.

For a person who does not like the people surrounding, he or she can withdraw intellectually and emotionally (if he or she knows how). I believe by keep repeating this process will cause split or multiple personality.

From external withdrawal to internal withdrawal.

Isolation isn’t good for mental health, but doesn’t cause DID (multiple personalities)


By not interacting with others, we might find ourselves being little more than a reflection of the people who we have needed. Thus, a feeling of being multiple people.

I think you have a good point here, chordy.

I can kind of relate. DID involves amnesiac barriers to conceal trauma, so there wouldn’t be any of that going on. But my mind definitely has a stronger tendency to come alive and talk to itself (myself, whatever) when I’ve been alone for a while.