Relapse on meds

I keep relapsing at least once a year. This recent relapse I had was 7 months. I keep having to go up on the dose. I’m on 140 latuda right now. I’m scared I’m going to reach the highest dose and it wont work for me anymore. Has anyone changed meds and gone longer without a relapse.

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I’m scared of that too, I’m on 6mg of risperidone and the highest dose is 8mg. What were your relapses? Voices?

I was voices free for months but then recently started to hear whispers. Their minor but I’m worried they’ll get louder

I relapsed all the time on seroquel. Since I switched to abilify 6 years ago i haven’t had a relapse.

There’s some evidence that abilify doesn’t stop working like is possible with other antipsychotics.

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I wanted to increase my meds and had book an appointment on Monday morning.My family disagree and they don’t want me to increase my meds,now I am on Olanzapine 5mg

I have changed meds a lot. Some worked better than others, but the main problem for me was side effects as I have to be on reasonable doses for them to do anything.

I am currently on Amisulpride, and it has kept me stable.

I was on Latuda as well, but that didn’t work properly and I had to come off it.


I wasn’t very well on qutiapine either.

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Im switching to abilify on what dose are you on and do you have side effects. Read the optimal dose is 1mg and the maximum is 3mg pretty small variation if you ask me.

The minimum dose for abilify is 10mg, and max is 30.

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yea forgot the zero’s

I find my meds keep me stable but even on meds I relapse but less severe. I have repeatedly lowered my dose when well though. And it went ok for a while but when I relapsed I went back to my usual dose of meds and I got better.