Reinforced why I never want an auto

Recently I borrowed an auto for a few days, I have not had an auto for many years, so I drove a little and then I realized why I do not want an auto, it is just expensive, a gallon of gasoline costs 5.32 euros, so much, I am much happier when I ride my bicycle … I never want a car … in bicycling I get my exercise, fresh air, see people and it is good for my mind …


I drive big gas burning trucks for my business, the fuel costs are a killer. $500 to $700 a month

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Years ago in America one gallon was just one dollar …how much is it now?

about a dollar a litre here in Canada so about 4 a gallon

When I lived in my auto in America and drove from Miami to LA and back, the cost was just 200 dollars, I never paid any hotels or motels, so it was inexpensive and then I saw nature and different parts of the US … it was something like 3500 miles from Miami to LA …

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IN my younger days I drove a lot and seen the land, now I just drive for work

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Depends on what state, $2-3 or so.

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that’s my rent, right there! wow.

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:blush:I love :heart:️ my auto.

It’s not actually mine on paper yet but it was given to me as a birthday gift.
It was there used car.

I tried so many years to get my licence n failed.
It was devastating and I heard voices saying they would never give me my licence and I kept trying and trying and failing and eventually I got my auto licence instead of manual.

My :red_car: car n licence is one of the best things to ever happen to me.

So happy we have autozzz in the world.

I hope to get my car in my name this year.

Thank you for my car.:heart:️:ghost:

Glad you enjoy your bike riding n it is good exercise n fresh air.

I don’t have a car anymore and I’m glad I don’t. None of the expense of a car and none of the hassles of driving a car either. I was never a very good driver all of my life. I never should have started driving.

I have had a car since I was 16 and I am 48. The only time I went without a car was the year after I became MI (had my first psychotic episode) from June 2015 to July 2016.

I really enjoy driving. I go for joy-rides and I have driven across the country before. I have had very positive relationships with my cars :slight_smile: I am very grateful for my car and my SS check so I can pay for gas and insurance.

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I’ve had a car and been driving for 37 years now, and a motorcycle license and a motorcycle and Vespa for 11 years now, don’t think I could give up my vehicles, California is not bicycle friendly.
Been riding a bicycle fo since I was in 1st grade. That’s a long time. Still have a bicycle in my garage, though I want to ride it more, I don’t.

I am scared to drive, my anxiety goes through the roof every time I got behind the wheel.

The expenses do at up.

driving is sometimes a challenge for me.
When I’m paranoid it’s best I’m not on the road. I can drive, but my cognitive awareness is not the best at times, so there is a risk in that.

On the otherhand, I love riding a bike, if i could fit it in my agenda I would prefer to do so.

i wouldn’t want to drive, if i didn’t have to, because i would have to look at things on the road