Regular Cannabis Users Experienced Downward Social Mobility

“Our study found that regular cannabis users experienced downward social mobility and more financial problems.”

From WaPo:

In summary: The more pot you smoke, the more apt you are to be a loser.


They also seem to take a cognitive hit. I’ve yet to meet a chronic user who hasn’t fried the front half of their brain.

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gee, I guess Colorado and Washington, and washington D.C, and Oregon are in big trouble then? NOT.

I’ve seen marijuana do tremendous damage, but I still think it is less dangerous than alcohol. Every year there are tens of thousands of deaths in the US due to drunk driving. If someone gets high on weed he is not likely to beat his wife or kids. He’s not going to carry a gun into a bar. He is not likely to pick a fight. I don’t think any drug incapacitates as badly as alcohol. Personally, I prefer the high of alcohol to that of marijuana, but both substances are bad news.

Expecting so. The casual users are probably okay. The addicted users, not so much.

Time will tell.

Idk i guess moderation is the key i cant smoke it intensifies my everything bad…i can understand how being a chronic user would have negative side effects but calling them losers for an addictions kinda mean…its like fat shaming or the neighbor not letting their kid play with mine because i have sz… I respectfully agree and disagree. The study seems to have good points but your ending is too harsh in my opinion.

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Cannabis destroys IQ:

I’ve known stoners over a long period of time. Every year they get dumber. It’s horrible to see. Legalization is going to be one of our bigger societal mistakes.

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I agree but they dont care it brings in stupid amounts if money…and that is the bottom line…it makes people happy and they make money…

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Ahahah. This made me chuckle

My roommate is a chronic pot smoker. Sometimes he’s more productive than me though (my negative symptoms can be a nusance). But he is a bit perma fried

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I favor legalizing all drugs, not because they are harmless, but because it would be easier to control them if they were legal. The huge amounts of money that can be made from selling illegal drugs makes them unstoppable. The same is true of prostitution. If they legalized prostitution, and actually protected the prostitutes so that they weren’t exploited by pimps, the violence would leave the profession. Also, it would be easier to control human trafficing if prostitution was done in the open light of day.

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Where are the details of the study? Not saying there was no link I just didn’t see it.

I think it’s pretty hilarious they’re trying to spin it like pot causes financial problems or theft. I mean good grief already.

However, I think people who try to use weed to self-medicate for problems instead of seeking professional help easily get themselves into trouble. I’ve seen it a few times, where they had to be high ALL the time and yeah it affects you if you spend more time high than sober, like psychologically, and they get a psychological dependency where they would flip.the.hell.out if they couldn’t get any, such as nobody having any to sell.

It’s not a substitute for real help when you need it, but it doesn’t turn people into sociopaths or ruin people’s finances, either.

Depends on the usage really. If it’s like 1-2 joints a day I wouldn’t call it terrible, but if it’s 15-20 I’d say it’s a problem.

I’ve met people, former friends, that smoke 15-20 joints a day or more and, one is filthy rich, can afford it and still has a life, the others are stuck in pointless jobs and in their parents house. Or resort to selling also, to make money for it. It’s a cycle really…

And none of them are “healthy” either.

The ones that smoke one joint or two joints are still addicts, but have their lives more controled.

LOL 15-20 joints a day is ridiculous. The neurotypicals I’ve known who like weed enjoy it like most enjoy alcohol. Maybe a small bowl before bed when unwinding after work, or a shared big blunt with friends on the weekend. What you’re describing sounds like a few of the people I’ve known who had to be high all the time. They couldn’t deal with life but also couldn’t admit they had problems. Same with people who become alcoholics. I personally don’t touch weed since I realized I had mental health problems and that the weed was exacerbating it. Sucks for me but I don’t condone hyperbolic BS trying to pick on neurotypicals who can handle it just fine, just because it’s bad for me, personally. There is always going to be that kind of ridiculous crap because there would be an utter ■■■■ storm if the government ever comes out and says, “Yeah actually weed isn’t really a big deal.” After the billions $$$ spent fighting that part of the “war on drugs” and so many lives ruined by incarceration over it, etc, like omg they’ll never admit it was a load.

Yeah it’s different in the US.

Here drugs are not criminalized, noone goes to jail for smoking or using any drugs. The max that can happen is the cops take the drugs with them. Different thing for selling, selling is a crime, but usage is not.

Obama came here and talked about it with our president a few years ago.