Does anybody know about the end times? (may trigger)

i am a bit curious about the end times bc i saw a kind of chart about it and it looked really cool but i just couldn’t understand it.

things like ‘the rapture’ like what is that?

i feel like i shouldnt go there though because it could be a can of worms that may not be very healthy but on the other hand it may help me to remain vigilant and try to lead a holier life in order to get to the prize.

like i know that the earth wont be here forever and at some point humanity may come to an end (if we cannot find other planets to populate) or not, so i would like to be on the right side, the good side,

i would like to follow God into the creation of a new heaven and earth :slight_smile: i think that would be really cool but idk if it works that way, i just read things here and there you know.

For me the ‘end of times’ is when my wife catches me drinking out of the milk carton.


haha seriously though, i’m guessing this isnt a great topic, i only mentioned it bc i believe that the end time are near like maybe between 3-10 yrs and i just want to have fun before it all happens and praise and worship God.

Much longer than 3-10 years IMO. Probably not in our lifetimes. I’ve thought the way you’re thinking for a while. I feel much better I don’t think that way anymore. The world could end tomorrow but I’d say 100 or more years Is more likely.

The day they stop making pizza is definitely the end times


Idk maybe 40 years now I think about it but hey live in the moment Thinking about the world ending is anxiety inducing whether you want it or not. Spirituality is about enjoying the life we’ve been given. Easier said than done I know

well if trump becomes president, like 2 years.

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Wasn’t the world supposed to end yesterday? According to some christian church or something. Yay, we survived it. Maybe just us here at :no_mouth:

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There’s a guy in Berkeley, CA that has calculated the day the world will end. It seems when the day passes, he then revises it and comes back. I saw him in McDonalds a few times calculating. He used to be on campus all the time. Loads of schizophrenics in Berkeley.

The christians believe in a rapture, where Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven and all the believers are snatched up into the air to meet their master and lord. This is not found in the Gospels directly but in a few of the letters of Paul, he talks about this briefly there without going into detail. Some have taken these passages way too important and believe that this has to occur any moment and that this might be some kind of sign before the great disasters of the Apocalypse begin where the Anti Christ becomes the master of the earth and everybody will serve the anti christ. People, the majority of the world, will accept the anti christ and they all will be able to identify themselves by having the number 666 on their forearm or forehead. some say the number is 616. Then ■■■■ hits the fan and god basically plagues the world with all sort of torment and disease, killing like 3/4 of the world for being evil. then jesus will come back as a military general, with his christian soldier believers, who unlike the evil people have 777 on their forehead, on horses and they will fight against the army of the anti christ killing them all and leaving their corpses for the birds of the air to eat their remains. then god sends down a city made of all the pretty valuable jewlry stones such as ruby and sapphire onto the earth which is the new jerusalem. there god sits in the middle of the city and people live ever happily thereafter. oh and satan(the dragon), the dead anti-christ and his followers get to roast in hell. end of story. now brush your teeth and go to sleep, have a nice dream son or daugther.

Im not making fun btw i am just giving to you what the book of revelation says. sorry if it sounds offensive.

The most accredited psychic of all time predicted Jesus to come back in year 2020…that’s when I turn 30. And Jesus began his ministry at age 30. Didn’t help my delusion.

This guy is a prophet.

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It’s when I turn 33, certainly doesn’t help mine. I don’t believe it anyway, all of us jesuses here and none turned water into wine.

If I could turn water into wine I would keep it a secret and sell wine for a living. MoJ!!!(money over Jesus)

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Sounds like ■■■■■■■■. Hard to believe over a billion people believe in this crap.


Yeah i guess they will give a different portrayal of it. And call it metaphors or something.

It’s time I had some time alone!

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And SF. Poor people

Hi daydreamer,

Although I think that we are living in the last days, I suggest that you do not concern yourself with it too much. Try not to spend a lot of time trying to figure out exact dates, or to search out for people to explain it for you - it will lead to false prophets and people that actually try to scare others for their own amusement or profit. With our illness, we shouldn’t try to look too far down the rabbit hole because it takes a long time to find our way back out again. I’ve been there. I encourage you to set a special time aside for prayer, reading, and to meditate on God’s Words and not man’s interpretations of it. The Lord will see us through; we can place our trust in Him. God’s Holy Spirit will guide you in the way that you should go.

peace be with you

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