Regained libido with abilify and sensual pleasure

Im on haldol 50mg a month. Whch blocka dopamine hardly, also i complained of the negatives and offered me abilify 10mgs a day. This is game changer. Actually saw with a big booty yesterday and felt like I really adored and enjoyed my peek. Havwnt felt this in years


Sounds good. I was always horny till I got to my late 40’s. Gawd. What a revelation that was. Like don’t get me wrong. I like and enjoy sex or the act but it’s nice not thinking constantly about it. :slight_smile:

Watch the abilfy. It can be activating so if your indulging in risky behavior you need to address it.


I do agree with you rogue when we’re hitting the 50 th sex get so much less important and love so much more important.

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