My partner is upset

Since starting abilify my libido has gone way down. This didn’t happen with haldol. My partner knows it’s not my fault but I feel bad. I can’t even call her beautiful without her getting upset because she says it won’t go anywhere

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sorry to here that , i take testos shots to help, and now i get sex once a week


Why did you get off haldo and get on abilify?
I got no problem on lilbido,but I feel my performance isn’t as good after getting on meds

Because haldol wasn’t helping with symptoms

Is the abilify helping with symptoms?

Yeah surprisingly it’s working well. I go to the doctor today about the abilify

I’m so glad it’s working to help with symptoms! Hopefully, the doctor can give you something to help with side effects!

Talk to your dr. It will work out.

I feel ya. Sort of. I have zero sex drive and haven’t for years. But Mr LED is really understanding about it, so it’s not really a big deal anymore.

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Can’t she masturbate? Or maybe you can lend a hand without having her sex you?
If she needs release she should get creative and take care of it on her own.
You are not responsible for her primal urges.