Reducing stress as an aid

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As I understand it stress is an aggravator to SZ. I have often wondered how assertiveness training might help SZ sufferers. There are many books, articles on the web about learning how to stand up for your self while at the same time having consideration for others. The first thing they say in assertiveness training is that assertiveness absolutely does not mean being pushy and demanding in getting your way. But what it does mean is being able to get what is rightfully yours in the way of fairness by means of enlightened social interactions.

As someone who was likely one of the bottom scorers in the history of mankind on the assertiveness scale I can say it has helped me considerably and I have become a much calmer person. I was like the little dog who is always on the attack as a result of fear. Now after a little reading and realization and I suppose age related maturity I am so much better at handling social situations. So much more at ease. This works out as a greatly reduced stress level for me. It’s the ability to interact with people at work or anywhere in a genuinely pleasant and respectful manner and not feeling compelled to take some aggressive action.
It’s not a pill that restores chemical balance but it is something definitely worth looking at for anyone with SZ and especially if they notice that stressful situations aggravate their symptoms. There are many good books and Youtubes on assertiveness.