Red lipstick

I only ever wear foundation sometimes nude lipstick I like to keep it looking natural but I’m thinking I might wear red lipstick for my cousins wedding just worried it won’t suit me.


I wish I could but I cant pull it of.
Try it, see how it feels

I went bought a cheap one just to see but I’m not so convinced.

A cheap one will look cheap. You get what you pay for with makeup. I usually don’t bother with it at all, but my special occasion makeup is all pretty high-end. It’s worth the investment, in my mind.


I agree with you I kinda wanted the Mac one but I asked for an opinion and she said I’m not gonna wear it anyway so get the cheap one first.

I’ll post a pic one minute.

why not posting a beautiful photos


That looks nice

Just not red enough how i wanted

For that you would probably have to go more expensive but sometimes the less bright stuff can be just as nice if you want proper red like celebrities and stuff the only one I’ve found is Mac

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Do it! It will look super cool on you.
You are so beautiful.

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I also think it looks great

Not lipstick (no…never worn THAT…um) but I did start a media covered mini revolution with some black nail polish. Seriously…it happened. Like this was covered full page in a major cities main newspaper. Black nail polish…girl got her head kicked in for it…football team no likey.

How about jet black?

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The shade of red suits you. I never thought red would suit me, but one day I bought red lipstick and wore it.

So beautiful. Go to a drugstore and buy permanent maybeline cherry red it has extra layer so it would stay all night. If you cant find it, ask the girl it’s 10$

It’s November not Halloween lol :smiley:

This thread reminds me of an old joke. A tourist guy meets a Scotsman in a kilt overseas…

Tourist: “So what’s under your kilt?”

Scotsman: “Your wife’s lipstick”


you look lovely in red lipstick…my opinion that is.