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Recovery Sub-forum


Schizophrenia Recovery Forum.

This forum is focused on schizophrenia recovery. History shows that many people with schizophrenia can live full and enjoyable lives. People like Fred Freese, Elyn Saks, Pat Deegan, show that with perseverance and healthy actions and seeking out positive support and health organizations, much can be accomplished. We realize that progress isn't always evident or easy, and like everyone, we sometimes take steps backward. At all times support and encouragement is helpful.

This forum is for the active and supportive discussion and sharing of the strategies and resources for maximizing people's recovery. For some this may include discussions regarding school and work.

This forum is for people who are interested in recovering to the best degree possible (while recognizing that everyone will be capable of recovering at different levels). Our goals here are similar to that presented in this slide by Stanford University professor Ira Glick:


Please what medications should I use to get out of Schizophrenia?


I love recovery sub forum the most! :heart: