Recovery Model of Mental Health ? Poll

  • Genuine Attempt to Help
  • Revolving Door Psychiatry
  • Somewhere in the middle

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I think that totally depends on the doctor you have. I had a county doctor in Virginia that was just terrible, and made poor decisions and effectively kept my progress frozen. When I moved I was able to afford a private doctor (not always a correlation) who was a lot kinder and more empathetic. In Virginia I would have said revolving door but here in California I say genuine attempt to help.

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Sounds like you have found better treatment. I am pleased you have been able to achieve this!

I have nothing to compare by, as I am stuck with the public health system.

Think where I am it’s somewhere in the middle, as they want to help, but don’t have the resources

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One of the problems with the county doctor was that I was in a county where the case load was very high. I had previously been in a different county with more resources in the same area and had a doctor that I considered very helpful.

It sucks when the system isn’t giving you the help you need. Are you sure you’ve exhausted all options of looking for the best doctor that’s covered by the county? They gave me the option of switching in the county I used to be in (the helpful one).

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I am in the UK. We have the NHS, but what they can do is limited in adult mental health care.

Don’t think you can request a different doctor. Here the psychiatrist is the main person responsible for someones treatment in the community.

Just this whole idea of recovery is used by my case worker as a tool to beat me up with. I think he’s trying to get shot of me because he thinks I am recovered even though I have not seen him since February due to Covid

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Oh, that’s interesting. I’ve always been jealous of the NHS, I think it’s a great example of good health care. I didn’t know how far it extended into mental health though. I would have hoped it would have more resources I guess. Medicare here covers 80% and you can get Medicaid or Medi-Cal depending on where you live to help with the rest, and I only get that because I qualified for federal disability which was a two year process. I got very lucky and got qualified on my first attempt without hiring a lawyer.

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The NHS is great, but it has it’s problems. In mental health the system is very stretched.

For therapy for example, the waiting list is 18 months where I live. If you get discharged from the psychiatry back to primary care, it can take weeks to get back in, which in my case led to being hospitalised twice because it was just too late. Also - and I only had to wait 4 months, Autism assessments have a general waiting list of up to two years, with no actual support just diagnosis.

The plus side is I just pay a set amount through taxes. My medications cost me £100 per year, which is a massive saving to me. I would however pay for private care, but I just cannot afford it.

I am not knocking it, but the resources allocated for mental health is not enough, and that’s a government decision to increase it, which makes it a political argument.

My case manager for example is clearly told to be obstructive when people ask to see doctors unless they’re acute, you can tell by how he behaves

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