Severed the link to MH services (Mostly)

I am taking back control of my recovery journey

Stated that I do not want a case worker

Also, I have reiterated that I will continue to see the pdoc every six months, and continue to attend Clozapine Clinic as required

But, no other support

It became clear the rehab program was not for me and they confirmed it was more geared towards people early on in their journey

Way past that point now

Have made some positive changes in my life recently and I will look to build on this even further

The last case worker never bothered with me. I feel strongly now that I am clear of having active support that I can do this on my own

To little too late - but I am going to push myself on further and move on from this turbulent time

I do not need or want paid friends


I didn’t find any programs useful. With severe illness like this you’re kinda on your own.


I think psychological support can be beneficial in the beginning, but after a while it was pointless to me.


In the past - I would have dis-agreed with you. But knowing how adept they are - at poking thier nose into your personal business, i dont blame you.


I just want peace and minimal commitment


I understand how you feel @joker. I don’t blame you and I wish you well on your recovery. I agree with @Jonathan2 as well very much so.

I used to have a large team of professionals when I was younger: case managers up the wazoo, nurses, day treatment all week, therapist, and a dr. Now I just have a therapist and a dr. I am doing ok without all that extra stuff.