Recovery breakthrough

Have you ever had a recovery breakthrough? Where something sparked major improvement in your mental health? For me I remember when I learned about having insight to the condition. I strived to grow my insight and I have been able to function better because of it. What about you?


Yeah just the more insight I gain overtime is finally bringing me back to recovered, especially if you can hold on to all your insight on all your diagnoses whatever they may be, helps a lot


Insights is good but patience is also good. Like if I am feeling uncomfortable, I tell myself this too shall pass.


when I finally got off risperdal and switched meds…changed my life…I am now on prolixin generic. love my med.


I used to take all my Geodon at night. My morning dose and the evening dose. I did this for years. Was psychotic for years. The morning dose kept making me take naps and I had to go to work every day. I started taking it in 2009.

In 2015 I started taking it in the morning again. I didn’t need nap’s anymore and that changed my life.


Switching to an injection helped me a lot. I’ve been able to stay out of the psych ward because of it.


Finally switching to Olanzapine 20mg and complying with medication was a big breakthrough for me - totally eliminated positive symptoms - still deal with the odd negative from time to time


Joining my DND group helped me a lot socializing got me out of my shell and helped me get out of my own head so much.

The other thing that helped was getting away from my main abuser I was able to finally breathe and exist


Its half life is 7 hours which is horrible so that makes sense.

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Yeah. I probably should have told my doctor I wasn’t taking it as prescribed but hell I didn’t even think I was sick. I thought he was the crazy one.

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Its been a long and slow process. But for the last few years ive had a lot of insight into the illness since first getting unwell at 16. Still suffer from negatives like apathy and that but its better than being completely psychotic for months at a time.
I dont think there was a sudden moment of clarity for me. Was very gradual.

Ayyyyyyyyyye, that’s the good kush.


Finally realizing it was an illness after psychosis was so bad i prayed meds would help me and starting gabapentin after a month toned down my anxiety and brought me back to the world