- ~_^ - Recording Music - ^_~ -


I will need your assistance for thus possibly new and exciting project.

I used to record music daily.

Day and night.

It was endless inspiration.

Or at least it felt like it was.

My dad had a stroke.

My aunt took him out of state.

I was left homeless.

My therapist saved my life.

A couple years later, now, here i am with a computer, and an acoustic guitar.

I can’t get into my youtube account, because i forgot the password, and can’t remember the e-mail address.

So that jus like my (optisleep), first youtube account, is m.i.a.

N e hoo.

I don’t know where to begin.

I know about audacity, but have to yet to try it out.

I don’t know where to start.

I would like to create a community album, where posters write songs, poems, whatnot, and me and other artists, create the songs.

I made a community profile on myspace a very, very, very, very long time ago.

My poster friendish peoples seemed to enjoy it.

Then the nightmare began.

All that aside.

Let’s start something fun!

But first!,

How do i begin to record?, with FREE, yes, a FREE mixer, like audacity, or maybe even some form of cheap voicemail recording software, that i can use my computer microphone.

All my recording equipment got lost after my aunt “cared” for my dad.

I lost a home by the way.


Let’s get to work!


I’m down to collab! I’ve been looking for someone to form a group with. Check out my soundcloud.

For recording use fl studio or garage band (the simpler option)


I’ve been doing it for a while so I can help you get started



I’ve been trying to find some free recording equipment.

Found an electronic one, but not what i was looking for exactly.

It’s kinda like, fruitloops.

Ok gonna try and upload something i quickly put together with what i found so far…,

Still don’t know how to operate everything fully yet…,



I’m stuck again.


Pm me or email me at kevonb124 @



I think i’m good dude.

Thank you though, for your offer.

I still would like to try and get a community album organized, but as it stands right now i have decided to work on some other important issues.

My family.

My “disease”.

Of course, my , dare i say, art.

ART (!!!)

But, thanks again… . …


yo im working on a track right now, do you want to contribute something?


Your computer microphone is likely horrible. Suggest looking at Behringer dynamic microphones. The XM1800S is very affordable and an excellent German clone of the Shure SM-58. For a USB input device that will allow you to connect your XLR mic to your computer, the best deal on the market is the Behringer UM-2. From there, you can use Audacity, which is multi-platform and excellent.

Hope this helps.


Focusrite has some pretty good stuff for cheap as far as audio interfaces go. MXL has mics for less than $100 that will work for what you need to do. When it comes to making music, investments have to be made.


Just one thing to consider… These are condensor mics and they pick up a LOT. Like, background noise. You can really only use these in a “treated environment” that aborbs reflected and ambient noise. If that’s not an option, Plan B is a very good dynamic microphone that is extremely directional and only picks up what is right in front of it.


i havent had very good results using a dynamic mic in the past.


That can actually be taken care of using a notch filter in any recording program. It won’t take away everything but it will help. But you’re correct. They pick up lot of noise. I use condesnors for my recordings and have no acoustic treatment in my room. My room is pretty dead already, though.


I hear ya. I was just trying to come up with a “good enough” solution. I own some Rode Podcasters myself for my higher end work.


oh you lucky man i used to have an audiotechnica 4040 back when i was in highschool. i didnt know how to use it though. like you said, picked up mad background noise and i didnt know how to EQ so my recordings sounded bad.


it is a free app on an android phone these days. android phone is 35 -100 bucks for the lowest cost metro pcs. maybe there’s cheaper but that’s what i got