Rebuttal : my parents

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my parents. They did everything they could possibly do for me. And lots of parents on these boards have done the same thing. I credit my dad for pulling me from the brink of insanity and I give him credit for not letting me give up. My parents sacrificed their own time and got me into the best hospitals and programs they could. And when I was hospitalized for 8 months they visited me EVERY day And they were not rich but they got me in some nice places. They joined family group therapy and drove up ten miles every Thursday for a year to attend with me when I lived in the group home And my sisters took time out of their busy lives to attend too. When I was addicted to crack and wrecked my dads old Cadillac’s he did not yell at me or kick me out of his house.He gave me chance after chance to straighten out and it took me a few years. Many parents lives revolve around their adult children with schizophrenia. Before my dad died 6 years ago I talked to him on the phone at least once a week for 15 years about my problems and everything else under the sun. Not to mention the scores of times they took me out to eat and paid the whole bill virtually every time. Or bought me a new TV every few years when mine broke. All this is just the tip of the iceberg.


they sound more like angels than parents…you were deeply blessed to have such wonderful people on your side…my mom and dad are both dead,but i love them alot and still miss them…what a wonderful way you have publicly honored them…good for you…


you were very lucky, i am happy for you that you got to experience that unconditional love.
take care

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Yeah it sounds like you had a very understanding Dad. My old man - dad and mom both have been there for me in their own way. Sure my father has his own issues - anxiety, edginess, passive - aggression so on and so forth, but he did certainly try and has always given - never taking too much. I owe a lot to both my parents, putting up with me at my worst

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My parents have done the same, I hurt my mum in the worst way possible and yet she forgave me and stood by me. She listens to my ramblings, she’s a bit vicious when it comes to challenging which hurts but still she listens which I appreciate and her lectures mean a lot. She listens to me when I’m experiencing memories I’m suppressing and they rise to the surface.

My dad stood by me too and still loves me, our relationship was damaged quite a bit as we bonded through walking together but my pain and weight gain from meds have put it on hold, I’m trying to redirect him into other interests like art, history, music etc. But he’s stood by me and even though he doesn’t understand, he would listen to me if I needed it!


You were very blessed to have your whole family behind you…and I know that`s why you have done so well and have been able to help yourself. You sound like you have a strong will inside and to me-are a great success.

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