Really have it good lately...hope it lasts

there are many things in my life that I am very happy about…first, my new 12 string is giving me hours of new entertainment with it’s fresh beautiful sound when I strum or pick it. My gf really enjoys it too…then there’s my niece working on an alcohol resin abstract for me. I have paid off the fee and it’s just a matter of getting to see her again that I have to wait for. the anticipation is delicious…

then october 8th I am giving a bluegrass concert for my family and friends and passers by…there should be about forty people with chairs, beer and food. awesome time to be held I hope…I hope I play well…I’ve been practicing…


That sounds great! I’m glad it’s going well for you


thank you dear…I am really happy for you losing weight and being so persevering about it…

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Happy for you Juke!

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Enjoy the good times and ride out the bad ones. Sounds like you on a good run with things. Good luck with your show and keep on keeping on.

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