Man this bluegrass session is going to be huge...hope I show up!

just kidding…I wouldn’t let so many people down…but man, it is going to be a full crowd…!! I will be on stage with about three of my friends so I don’t mind…as long as I am not alone on stage I should be fine…plus I’m not drinking until I get back home later…I am going to be designated driver so my two friends spending the night can drink before the show…

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I like bluegrass, but I grew up with family from Appalachia. I especially like bluegrass covers of metal and rock songs.

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@ZombieMombie there ya go !!

Wow! Sounds like fun. I like bluegrass.

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I hope we get to practice together a bit before the show in October !! my buddy is a heavy drinker and has trouble being sober to drive over here…I practice anyways by myself so I will be ready…

Just remember to sweat a lot and look around constantly with a nervous look on your face.

Lol! I’m just giving you a hard time. :wink:

Have fun though! :slight_smile:


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