Reality vs Hallucination

How do you personally tell the difference.

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Some of mine are really easy to tell as hallucinations because I know it can’t be real. But some of them look totally normal and in place, and I can’t tell these from real things until they vanish suddenly.

If it’s a visual hallucination, touch it and you will not feel it.

Mind you, I don’t hallucinate myself.

I dont know i fell like its set in stone.

Depends how bad it gets. If im not in a comfortable and trust worthy place, I tend to battle to get out of them its very hard to tell the difference and even if i somehow manage to i dont think i will be able to convince myself.

I suppose it depends on how drastically they come upon me how deep i let myself go. If im at a festival i always go down hard so i avoid them like the plague, shopping malls and other areas where i will end up seeing things that arent there.

But its very hard to snap out of it.


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hi, the only way i can tell the difference is becuase my family tell me things i think are real are not… simple as that… not that i believe them… hehe…

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. It just is. How do you tell if the voices you hear are voices or if it is coming from your neighbors television down the hall? I always ask someone else if they can hear it. That’s called reality testing. If it’s visual hallucinations, it’s still hard to tell if they’re persistent. Olfactory hallucinations can be difficult to tell too. How do you know if it is not a real smell? If the smell is otherworldly, then I probably know that it is not real. But, then it is probably very, very malodorous and torturing.

I personally don’t have visual hallucinations. However, the audible hallucinations I have while I am in public or crowded area’s are very hard to tell if they are real or not. It just sounds like people talking about me out loud when in actuality they are not. Even when I am only around one or two people but I am in a different room sometimes it sounds like they are making comments about me that relate to my delusion. It’s hard for me to differentiate reality from my delusion but hopefully one day I’ll get there.

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Normally if something seems weird I ignore it since I have a good concept of what is real or fake… I just ask myself “would a normal person see or hear this?”

I rarely have visuals…Had a mirage show up once like the desert and it had wavy lines through it like bible talks about in desert heat hallucinations. I do have my vision crack in two sometimes and blurry for 20 minutes…thought it might be more high blood pressure related.

I do not dream very often…I once had a movie play in my dream so kind of explains some things about me. I normally sleep drugged up now so just how it runs OUT.

I do have a lot of insults in public and the people here will do it to our faces. Area is hiding a big sex abuse problem for decades and the church’s stupid ones will attack anyone their voices demand usually rape victims or simply someone who worked with the sex abuse people…Seems these are more likely to get screwed at work, housing and auto repair here. Most leave…Made nasty hate monger situation for some people and try to tell these nutties they are being lied to and someone will vandalize your home or vehicle…Get called a ‘thief’ a lot for being on disability pay following PTSD, 13 year nonstop psychosis (medicated or not) and barely sleep using meds. Used to work life and death so my functioning does matter I guess…I gave up this kind of work as area doesn’t pay anything any longer and I’m just not fit to handle this after so much time dealing with schizoed…My voices can sound outside my head too…My hearing isn’t that great for low pitch like male voices as my father yelled at us only growing up so I’m kind of deaf anyway…I always worked in office or call center with audio adjustable headset so didn’t matter if hearing with kind of bad in spots.