Ready for a little bit of work i think

hi, do you ever think you will be able to work?

i do, well i think i am anyway but it has to be something i can do and it has to be part time,

i am hoping to work under 16 hours in an easy job, something that is really stress free (if there is such a job) and hopefully somewhere i can make friends,

i think it would be good for me and it might make me more healthy or fit, idk it just seems like a good idea as i am looking to do more with my time and i want to tell people i have a job and that i am paying my way etc, that sounds good to me anyway,

i think i am ready for this.


Yes daydreamer
I would love to find a job 16 hours or less
I have good skills
I hope to find something when I finish college in June
Good luck
You sound to be very get up and go there you will do well


Good luck man, I cant work at all. This madness never stops.

sorry man,

hope things get better for you

That’s a good indicator…

You’ve been weighing up the pros and cons… finding more pros…

You’ve been training in school

You’ve been working to get stronger and cope with outside stress and learning how to decompress and keep the deflector shields up.

If you feel ready… that’s the best way to judge. Trust your gut… or follow your heart…

good luck and I hope you find a good fit.

I’m rooting for you.


I could work a job where I didn’t have to deal with anybody like a janitor or some kinda processor where im on a assembly line I could even was dishes because I’ve done that and was generally left alone to do my work.

The problem for me is I just moved to a small town that doesn’t like people that weren’t born and raised here so they have a condescending attitude to people from the outside and thats normal for them but for me its not.

I cant work for or with people like that because my mental condition I cant trust myself.

When people consciously treat me bad for no reason other than to be jerks and im within reach of them I get vertigo then absolute rage where I want to hurt them.

My ma came to visit last summer and one of the people made a derogatory remark under their breath to me (thats how they do it here) and I almost grabbed him and strangled him for doing that in front of my mother and he was like 75 yrs old.

The only thing that brought me back from the edge befor losing it was my ma standing there.

So you are pretty fortunate

I am sure it will be the most important steo of your life which will have a dramatic impact on your well being and allow you to express your feelings more freely and be open to discuss matters you thought shouldn’t be talked about with strangers, you will find it exciting to achieve something and be paid for that gives you independence for your choices to be closer to your true self.

I encourage your thoughts and aspirations and very sure you will do a good job in understanding the demands of your tasks and you will do a good job, even if it was stressful at the beginning it will differ byu time and you will get used to it the same way you are used to the people you live with or the walls you stare at. Stay positive.


It won’t hurt to try, right? Don’t try to be head of Mobile Oil but yeah, you could go my route if you want. Restaurants, department stores, janitor, piece work with mailings etc. Do you have vocational programs in your country? I’ve been in two here in California. They start you off slow and get you ready for work. They do stuff like hold small classes on how to write a resume, for example, how to dress for a job is another example. Or how to ace an interview. How to look for a job etc. The programs I was in had us doing mailings for the post office. We got paid two cents for each brochure we stuffed in an envelope.We only made like $4.00 or $5.00 a day bit the point is to get you ready for work. both programs I went to eventually got me jobs after I had attended for several months. Just an idea. But yeah, go for it. If you don’t try, you’ll never know if you can do it or not.


**Go for it! :blush: **


My main motivation to work would be to have more money for my hobbies. Buy a motercycle and race it. Buy a truck to take it to races. Buy remote control cars and race them. Get me some new bicycles. New drumsett. Play in some bands.

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Good goals…


If your ready then go for it…you sound positive and been thinking clearly for a while…I believe this indicate that you are ready to go for work,hope you do well and make some friends :smiley:


my friend sweep want to do something as well, she is ocd so she said stacking shelves might be ok for her lol,

i have been looking but its hard bc i can’t do just any kind of job, i get very anxious if i am standing for a long time or bending over a sink doing dishes, i hate talking on the phone so its hard to find something bc of anxiety mostly as my sz is under control.

my plus points are that i am a good helper/carer and i like to socialize and learn,

downside is anxiety so i can’t do most physical activities,

its a hard one, i just asked for more advise on a specialist forum bc i don’t want to lose my benefits just yet, i think it has to be a gradual transition, but just part time just now of course.

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