Reading silently

has anyone here learnt to read silently in their mind, ive learnt to look at the words and not read them in my mind but i cant seem to figure out how to understand what im reading without saying it in my mind., all help is apprciated

I haven’t figured out how to do that… I read slowly and I want to understand so I try to let the words sink in as deeply as possible.

When I was sure people could hear my thoughts, I would read so much in hopes that if they read my mind… they could only see the book I was reading and not see the other thoughts.

I was thinking that people were getting to know classic fiction because I was reading it and broadcasting it out.

No, everybody “says” what they’re reading in their mind. Reading is precisely a way of communicating with someone who is not present (the writer). So much so that the science fiction writer Sagan calls literature “time travel”. Of course, it’s one-way communication usually, unless you can write back to the author. And since you don’t know what the author sounds like in real life, you have to substitute your own inner voice for his/hers

when you thought people were hearing your thoughts, was you reading your own thoughts out in your mind all the time?

people ahve developed ways of speed reading so to read books quicker they avoid using their inner voice to read and just skim the book

that would make me sad and take all the joy out of reading. I love the imagination that goes into good writing and a good book is a porthole to another life… another situation.

I don’t think I was reading my own thoughts… I think I was hiding my own thoughts. I was trying to get people who read my mind to only see the book and not everything else I was thinking.

damn thats my problem, keep reading my thoughts as if im reading a book, cant go anywhere in life if i keep doing it

I had trouble reading sometimes,I need the “feel”


I believe everyone reads the words or says them in their mind when reading. Without saying them in your mind they are just letters on a page with no meaning.

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I always have an inner narration when I’m reading, and usually it takes on an English accent, even though I’m an American. For some reason it helps the words sink in and more difficult words seem to make more sense to me for some reason. I’m not entirely sure that there’s a way to read silently, unless as someone else stated, you were speed-reading and just skimming through to pick up keywords, ideas, and phrases!

cheers for the input man :smiley:

Of course! I was also going to say about reading your own thoughts - it takes a great deal of effort and some getting used to; but I try to detach from my thoughts. It’s easier said than done, as is any theoretical statement, but if you identify them for what they are, and if they are negative, letting them pass without judging them, and if they are positive, identifying with them and letting it feel good. Much of the time I feel as if I have 3-4 selves inside of me, each with a different voice and intention, and in that case I’ve tried to create some sort of archetypes to identify them as. I have the Hero, who is the decision-maker, the Magician, who creates the visions and plans of the Hero while doing his meditating and visualizing and wearing various masks and personas in the world, the Warrior, who carries out the plan in the physical world and overcomes the obstacles with strength and determination, and then there’s the Scholar, who corrects the course of the plan and others, while keeping a watchful eye on projects while he gathers knowledge and information. Each has his/her own shadow-side in which temptation and greed can take over, but that’s where the detachment from thought, especially negative self-talk comes in. :slight_smile:

I wish you well on your journey, friend!

you too :smile: !

…wait…so…people normally hear the words in their head when they read?

That is really weird. I was unaware. Sorry I don’t know how to help.

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My reading voice in my mind takes on various different voice dialects or character depending o who I have heard throughout the day

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I’ve watched people read who do a thousand words a minute. I don’t believe they vocalize anything in their minds.


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