Stopping Voices when speaking or reading

Hi. I’ve got one American sounding male voice in my mind. The content of his speaking cannot be controlled. There is also no magical line I can give him to make him stop speaking. I have noticed, however, that when I’m speaking to someone, he stops speaking. Also, if I’m reading, typically he will stop speaking.

The fact that he stops speaking is a miracle…since my guy is relentless in speaking around the clock.

Anyone have any theories on why voices may stop speaking in the above cases? Is it something in the brain that shuts them off? I doubt they want to stop or that they play any role in stopping.

I don’t usually have voices, but I do have troubling thoughts. I notice they seem to go away when I’m concentrating on school, either reading, or in class–one reason why I like school so much. Anyway, maybe it’s just the fact that it gives you something else to concentrate on, and that takes up your whole thought process.

andypr… I know how you feel. I read a lot just to clear my head. Without my Kindle handy some days would be hard.

I’ve only had this happen every so often when I’m too tired or have really over done the day, but it really upsets me when it does because I love to read…

Every voice in my head will unify and read my book out loud. It’s like a whole crowd of people reading out loud as loud as they can, but all at a slightly different pace and emphasis.

Painful, irritating and scared me into thinking that my love of reading was being taken away too. When I’m not tired and I’ve taken my meds, it doesn’t happen. :relieved:

I hear a voice when I paint. I’m trying to overcome that. It’s distracting and it’s the only time I have heard a voice consistent with something. The voice is like, “don’t screw up. stop. you’ll ruin the painting…you already ruined it” blah blah it’s very annoying. I realize these are just subconscious thoughts. That’s one reason I figured I might be ok without taking medication, except that aside from hallucinations I’ve struggled with delusions too and those are better controlled through medication or diet exercise etc. I heard a voice last night that told me to take fish oil.

I found that conversations would make my voices stop sometimes. Reading would help some. That and/or plenty of whiskey, but these days my meds keep the voices nice and dead.

they don’t speak when i am speaking but at the end of a sentence they’ll pipe up. mine read what i am reading too. it used to b their way of proving telpathy but i didn’t buy it all. if it comes from my brain then of course they can read what i see with my eyes.