Referendum on sz.... allopathy ,ayurveda

which method do u want ur sz being treated…

Allopathy…(anti depressant anti-psychotic mod stablalizer etc)

Indian spikenard
The root of this herb is a stimulant. Jatamansi is very good herb for nervous disorders . This herb is helpful in the treatment of schizophrenia patients.

Lemon Balm
Mellissa officinalis
This herb is used to increase the strength of brain, youth vigor and prevent baldness. Lemongrass is very good for strengthening the brain. It is good for nerve. It counteracts depression and revives the spirit. In ancient times a prince lived for 106 yr he gives credit to the tea of lemon balm and said this tea not only keep him young but also give freshness to brain.

Rauwolfia serpentine
Indian sarpgandha.
This herb is very helpful in the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia. This herb helps to give calmness and sleep and treatment of insomnia. This is given to highly irritable patients of schizophrenia. This herb is used for the patients of hysteria. Rauwolfia is good for treatment of hypertension. It should not be given to low B.P patients. …